The Enneagram is a personality model composed of 9 profiles represented by numbers. It describes the personality developed during early childhood.

At that time of life, we put in place strategies to face the world. Those strategies will become the motivation behind our behaviors which are the visible face of our personality. Much like our mother tongue, our strategies are deeply rooted in us.

Having become innate, they are often unconscious. They mainly allow us to move forward and interact with the world. They can also lead to less constructive behaviors useful for a time but that can disserve us on the long run. This is why exploring the Enneagram makes perfect sense.

The Enneagram is like a user guide of our personality. It allows us to recognize our strategies and open up ourselves to others in order to develop new constructive behaviors. It also helps us understand our daily struggles as well as those of others. With it, we can then take action to find more balance in life and have healthier relationships.


Dynamic sophrology® aims at an improved body-mind balance. This holistic approach conceives the human being as composed of different interrelated elements - our body, mind, emotions, intuition and soul. Positively affecting one or more of these components brings a harmonisation of the overall individual.

Sophrology was created in the 1960’s by Chilean neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo based on techniques from Western and Oriental cultures. His assistant and translator, French doctor Yves Davrou, further developed the method giving birth to dynamic sophrology®.

This approach makes use of simple body exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques, visualisation, which can be adjusted to many personal needs and easily reproduced in our daily life. Their regular practice improves our understanding of and adaptation to our surrounding environment by stimulating and boosting our own capacity of relaxation, focus, memory, creativity and emotion management, amongst others.

Dynamic sophrology® is thus an excellent way to nurture a more positive attitude in life, boost our self-confidence, better manage stress and emotions, improve our sleep quality and duration, revitalise our energy, regain motivation, prepare for stressful events and overcome obstacles.


Coaching helps you or your team to clarify your goals, identify blockages, resistances, limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Its mission is to help you develop the necessary strategies to achieve your goal by identifying the needed resources for you to take action.

Coaches, by their meta-position, offer you a different point of view to your problem. In this neutral position, they lead you to add perspective to your reality.

To do this, they question and guide you through the most appropriate tools for your situation. This leads you to finding your own solution, fair and just for you at that very moment.

In order to serve you as fully as possible, we combine resources such as typical coaching tools, NLP, non-violent communication, the development of active listening…

Family Constellations

Constellations (sometimes called systemic, sometimes family constellations) function as a 3D projection of the dynamics at play in an individual's or a team’s unconscious. Its purpose is to transform patterns and beliefs to resolve issues at stake.

The constellation typically begins with a shared research of the problem encountered and a clarification of the intention. Practiced in a group, it stages the problem through representatives who embody its different aspects. First, different participants are chosen to play the different roles identified in the problem. Then, they take place and move in the constellation space, wherever seems fit, under the observant eye of the group.

In a group setting and with the help of every participant, constellations are a personal development tool that bring to light individual and group dynamics. As the constellation proceeds, limiting patterns and beliefs are understood and cleared so that a group resolution can happen.

Somato-Psychic Coherence – SPC

The Somato-Psychic Coherence® is an innovative method, founded by Fabrice Charles, assembling elements and works of several therapeutic pathways. SPC aims to release blockages inscribed in the body preventing the natural process of self-healing.

Somato-Psychic Coherence® allows us to detect inhibitions and traumatic memories in the body through a reading of our biology. The practitioner then provides a precise stimulus adapted to the stage on which a correction is needed. It is the release of organic blockages that allows the positive modification of the psychological process. When coherence is restored in both directions, from the body to the psyche and from the psyche to the body, we can see improvements in patients’ quality of life, both physically and psychologically.

The Somato-Psychic Coherence® sessions are meant for everyone at all age, if you have a physical, emotional or psychological problem; whether you feel “blocked”, “are sick to the back teeth with something”, “go around in circles”, “have a bellyful of”…

The technique helps to regain your balance and gradually lightens memories and mental images that disturb our biology and/or our psyche.

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